I have the following Year 1 materials available:

Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Curriculum (with Loom and Reproducibles CDs) 2006 3-ring Binders $125
TOG Y1 Evaluations CD 2007 CD $40
TOG Y1 Map Aids CD 2006? CD $20
TOG Y1 Pop Quiz - Units 1&2 2006 CD $15
Writing Aids Book and Supplement CD Somerville 2007 Book +CD $25
101 Things You Need To Know About Mummies O'Shei, Tim 1588652610 2004 Paperback $2
Adventures of the Greek Heroes Wiseman, Anne M. 395137144 1972 Paperback $2
Ancient Egypt Harris, Geraldine 816019711 1990 Hardcover $2
Ancient Greece: 40 Hands on Acitivies Hart, Avery 1885593252 1999 Paperback $6 U2 UG
Ancient Greeks Turnbull, Stephanie 794507727 2004 Paperback $4 U2 LG
Ancient Rome!: Exploring the Culture, People, & Ideas Hart, Avery 1885593600 2001 Paperback$5 U4 UG
Celebrate!: Stories of the Jewish Holidays Berger, Gilda 590935038 1998 Paperback $3 U1, U3 LG
Children's Reference: Ancient & Medieval History Gerlings, Rebecca 1841938238 Hardcover $2
Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome Carlson, Laurie Winn 1556522908 1998 Paperback$6 U2, U3, U4 LG
The Corn Grows Ripe Rhoads, Dorothy 140363130 1993 Paperback $2 U2 UG
Digging Into the Past Lattimore, Deborah Nourse 886794609 Spiral $1
Famous Men of Rome Haaren, John Henry 1599150468 2006 Paperback $4 U4 UG
Great Civilizations Of The East: Ali, Daud 1842153641 2001 $8 U1, U2, U3 D
Greeks Peach, Susan 794504280 2003 Paperback $7 U2, U3 D
The Indus Valley Shuter, Jane 1403400814 2002 Paperback $5 U2 LG
Jason and the Argonauts Brooks, Felicity 079450275X 2005 Paperback $4 U2 D
Jason and the Golden Fleece Zeff, Claudia 794504515 2004 Paperback $6 U2 LG
Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China Williams, Suzanne 1881896145 1997 Hardcover $3 U2UG
Make This Model Greek Temple Ashman, Iain 746033141 2005 Paperback $8
The Maya Shuter, Jane 1403400261 2002 Paperback $3 U2 UG
Mummies Made in Egypt Aliki 64460118 1985 Paperback $2 U1 LG
Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure Perl, Lila 590962264 1987 Paperback $2
Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide Sanders, Nancy I. * 1556523548 1999 Paperback $6 U1, U2, U3 LG
On Shabbat Fishman, Cathy Goldberg 689838948 2001 Hardcover $5
Peril and Peace: Chronicles of the Ancient Church (History Lives #1) Withrow, Mindy * 1845500822 2006 Paperback$4 U4 LG, UG, D
The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Payne, Elizabeth 394846990 1992 Paperback $2 U1 R
A Puzzling Day in the Land of the Pharaohs - A Search-and-Solve (Gamebook) Anderson, Scoular 1564028771 1996Hardcover $4
Pyramids Millard, Anne 590632477 1996 $2 u2
Romans - Internet Linked Marks, Anthony 794504299 2005 Paperback $7 U4 D
The Story of the Romans Guerber, Hélène A. 1599150123 2006 Paperback $7 U4 D
The World of the Pharaohs: A Complete Guide to Ancient Eqypt el-Mahdy, Christine Hobson 500275602 1998 Paperback$2
A Triumph for Flavius Snedeker, Caroline Dale 966706714 2004 Paperback $10 U4 UG
The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World Bingham, Jane 794503640 2003 Hardcover $24 U1-U4UG Loose Binding
Who Were The Romans? Cox, Phil Roxbee 746013396 1994 Paperback $2 U4 LG
Why Snails Have Shells: Minority and Han Folktales from China Han, Carolyn 082481505X 1994 Hardcover $4 U2D
Young Scientist Archaeology Cork, Barbara 860208656 1985 Paperback $2


I am done homeschooling and I am clearing the shelves. I have materials for all subjects and grades.
If you would like to see this list (or my complete list) in a more readable Excel or pdf file, shoot me an email and I can send it to you. I have about 500 books that I would love to find new happy homes for!

All materials are from a smoke-free, pet-free home and will ship media mail. Postage will be added based on weight. Paypal payments are preferred.

Thanks for looking!