I have the following Year 3 materials available:

Writing Aids Book and Supplement CD Somerville 2007 Book +CD $25
Abraham Lincoln's World Foster, Genevieve 1893103161 2001 Paperback $10 U1, U2, U3 D VERY GOOD
Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma Benge, Janet 1576581616 5-Dec-01 Paperback $5 U1 D LIKE NEW
The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales Arkhurst, Joyce Cooper 316051071 2-Nov-92 Paperback $3 U4 LG
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Twain, Mark 140366733 1-Mar-95 Paperback $2 U3 D LIKE NEW
Africa Books, Whitecap 1552851532 1-Oct-00 Paperback $2 U4 LG
An Age of Extremes: 1880-1917 Hakim, Joy** 195327225 8-Feb-07 Paperback $5 U4 UG VERY GOOD
Ajeemah and His Son Berry, James 64405230 30-Jan-94 Paperback $2 U1 UG VERY GOOD
The Alamo McGowen, Tom 516242083 2-Dec-05 Hardcover $4 U2 UG VERY GOOD
America in the Time of Abraham Lincoln: The Story of Our Nation Isaacs, Sally Senzell 1575727609 1-Jan-00 Library Binding* $7 U3 LG
The American President: A Complete History Moore, Kathryn 1435146026 1-Feb-13 Paperback $10 all R LIKE NEW
Andrew Carnegie: Builder of Libraries Simon, Charnan 516261312 1-Mar-98 Paperback $3 U4 LG
Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry Rau, Dana Meachen 756518539 1-Sep-05 Paperback $8 U4 D LIKE NEW
Antebellum America: 1784-1850*(American History by Era, #4) Dudley, William 737707186 1-Oct-02 Hardcover $20 U1, U2 R VERY GOOD
Australia Boraas, Tracey 736869492 1-Jan-06 Paperback $4 U2 UG LIKE NEW
The California Gold Rush: An Interactive History Adventure Raum, Elizabeth** 1429611790 1-Sep-07 Paperback $3 U2 UG LIKE NEW
California Ranchos (We the People: Expansion and Reform series) Rosinsky, Natalie M. 756518083 1-Aug-06 Paperback $5 U2 UG LIKE NEW
The Carpetbaggers (We the People Raatma, Lucia 756517710 1-Jan-06 Paperback $5 U3 UG LIKE NEW
Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers George, Christian Timothy 1845501551 20-Jul-06 Paperback $3 U4 UG VERY GOOD
The Cherokee: An Independent Nation Todd, Anne M. 736848150 1-Sep-00 Paperback $5 U2 UG LIKE NEW
Children of the Wild West Freedman, Russell 899191436 24-Oct-83 Hardcover $3 U1, U2 LIKE NEW
The Church in History Kuiper, Barend Klaas 802817777 1-Jun-88 Paperback $10 MULTI D VERY GOOD
Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit Borgenicht, David 762417129 5-Feb-04 Hardcover $3 U3 LG OVERSIZE
The Courage of Sarah Noble Dalgliesh, Alice 689715404 30-Oct-91 Paperback $2 U3 LG
Crossing the Seas: Americans Form an Empire*(1890-1899) Schwartz, Eric 1590849108 1-Nov-04 Hardcover $5 U4 D LIKE NEW
D. L. Moody: The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth Century Bailey, Faith Coxe 802400396 1-Jun-37 Paperback $2 U4 D
David Livingstone: Africa's Trailblazer Benge, Janet 1576581535 19-Nov-01 Paperback $5 U3 D LIKE NEW
The Early American Republic, 1789-1829 Johnson, Paul E. 195154231 1-Mar-06 Paperback $13 U1 R GOOD Has underlining
Emily Dickinson (Poetry for Young People) Dickinson, Emily 043917872X Apr-00 Paperback $2 U3 D VERY GOOD
Florence Nightingale Lethbridge, Lucy 794508707 1-Jan-05 Hardcover $3 U3 UG VERY GOOD
Frankenstein McFadden, Deanna** 140272666X 28-Mar-06 Hardcover $3 U1 D LIKE NEW
Frederic Chopin: Son of Poland Early Years Wheeler, Opal 1933573112 3-Apr-07 Paperback $5 U2 UG LIKE NEW
From Sea to Shining Sea: Americans Move West(1846-1860) Nelson, Sheila 1590849078 1-Nov-04 Hardcover $5 LIKE NEW
George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans Benge, Janet 1576581454 5-Dec-01 Paperback $5 U2 D LIKE NEW
The Gift of Music: Great Composers and Their Influence Smith, Jane Stuart 9780891078692 1-Nov-95 Paperback $7 MULTI D VERY GOOD
Hans Brinker Coville, Bruce 803728689 1-Nov-07 Hardcover $3 U3 LG OVERSIZE
Hudson Taylor: Could Somebody Pass the Salt? MacKenzie, Catherine 184550111X 20-May-12 Hardcover $3 U3 LG
Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China Benge, Janet 1576580164 17-Jun-99 Paperback $5 U3 D LIKE NEW
If You Lived At The Time Of The Civil War Moore, Kay** 590454226 1-Sep-94 Paperback $2 U3 LG
If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad Levine, Ellen 590451561 1-Feb-93 Paperback $2 U3
In the Days of Queen Victoria Tappan, Eva March 1599150387 10-Jan-07 Paperback $5 U2, U3, U4 LG, UG, D VERY GOOD
The Industrial Revolution Hazen, Walter A. 1568227809 1-Feb-99 Paperback $3 U2 D VERY GOOD
Island of the Blue Dolphins(Island of the Blue Dolphins, #1) O'Dell, Scott 440439884 1-Feb-87 Paperback $2 U2 D VERY GOOD
A Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce: The Abolitionist Who Changed the Face of a Nation Belmonte, Kevin 892216719 23-Feb-07 Hardcover $4 U1 D LIKE NEW
Kidnapped by River Rats: William and Catherine Booth Jackson, Dave 1556612206 1-Sep-91 Paperback $2 U3 UG LIKE NEW
King Solomon's Mines (Children's Video of America) - Animated - 45 minutes 1989 dvd $2 U4 VERY GOOD
Les MisÚrables Hugo, Victor 329485911 2009 Paperback $4 U2 R VERY GOOD
Life at the Alamo Isaacs, Sally Senzell 1403405239 1-Aug-02 Paperback $3 U2 LG
Life on the Oregon Trail Isaacs, Sally Senzell 1588103021 21-Feb-01 Paperback $10 U2 LG
The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories Walker, Barbara M. 64460908 7-Sep-89 Paperback $3 U3 VERY GOOD
Little Women Monfried, Lucia 866119558 1989 Hardcover $3 U3 UG LIKE NEW
Lottie Moon: A Generous Offering Meloche, Renee Taft 1576582434 10-Dec-04 Hardcover $4 U4 LG
Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China Benge, Janet 1576581888 13-Mar-01 Paperback $5 U4 UG LIKE NEW
The Look-It-up Book of Presidents Blassingame, Wyatt 679803580 3-Feb-90 Paperback $2 MULTI UG VERY GOOD
The Louisiana Purchase Burgan, Michael 756509300 1-Jan-02 Paperback $5 U1 UG LIKE NEW
The Making of Modern Africa Obadina, Tunde 1590849981 1-Sep-06 Hardcover $4 U4 D
Marie Curie Cobb, Vicki** 756638313 1-Aug-08 Paperback $3 U4 UG LIKE NEW
Mary Slessor Courage in Africa Meloche, Renee Taft 157658237X 11-Nov-02 Paperback $4 U4 LG
Mary Slessor: Forward Into Calabar Benge, Janet 1576581489 19-Nov-01 Paperback $5 U4 D LIKE NEW
Les Miserables Kulling, Monica** 067986668X 14-Mar-95 Paperback $2 U2 UG VERY GOOD
Moccasin Trail McGraw, Eloise Jarvis 140321705 7-Oct-86 Paperback $3 U2 LG, UG, D LIKE NEW
My Little House Crafts Book: 18 Projects from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Collins, Carolyn Strom 64462048 21-Mar-98 Paperback $3 U3 LIKE NEW
Of Courage Undaunted Daugherty, James 1893103021 1-Dec-99 Paperback $7 U1 LG, UG, D LIKE NEW
Once On This Island(Mackinac Island Trilogy, #1) Whelan, Gloria 64406199 9-Aug-96 Paperback $2 U1 UG VERY GOOD
The Oregon Trail Blashfield, Jean F. 756500451 1-Sep-00 Hardcover $3 U2 UG
Our Country's Presidents Bausum, Ann 0792272269 1-Feb-01 Hardcover $4 LIKE NEW
Our Living Constitution, Grades 5 - 8: Then and Now Apple, Good 076822456X 2-Jan-02 Paperback
A Poetry Handbook Oliver, Mary 156724006 15-Aug-94 Paperback
A Proud and Isolated Nation: Americans Take a Stand in Texas*(1820-1845) Nelson, Sheila 159084906X 1-Nov-04 Hardcover $10 U2 D LIKE NEW
Queen Victoria: Born to Succeed Longford, Elizabeth 60803207 1974 Hardcover $3 U2, U3, U4 D
The Revolutionary Era, 1789-1850 Breunig, Charles 393978605 24-May-02 Paperback $25 U1, U2 R VERY GOOD
Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker Steenwyk, Elizabeth Van 1575054191 1-Aug-00 Paperback $3 U3 UG LIKE NEW
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stevenson, Robert Louis 893753572 1-Sep-93 Paperback $1 U4 D
The Swiss Family Robinson Tait, Chris 1402736940 1-Feb-07 Hardcover $3 U1 UG LIKE NEW
Ten Mile Day: And the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad Fraser, Mary Ann** 805047034 15-Mar-96 Paperback $3 U3 LG
Thunder at Gettysburg Gauch, Patricia Lee 440410754 1-Oct-90 Paperback $2 U3 LG
Time For Kids: Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield Prokos, Anna** 60576227 8-Jan-08 Paperback $2 U3 UG LIKE NEW
The Underground Railroad Hudson, Wade 531187705 21-Jan-08 Paperback $4 U3 UG VERY GOOD
The Victorian House Coloring Book Helberg, Kristin 048623908X 1-May-80 Paperback $4 U2 UG LIKE NEW
The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-line Pioneers Standage, Tom* 162040592X 25-Feb-14 Paperback $10 All R LIKE NEW
Wagon Train Kramer, Sydelle 448413345 10-Nov-97 Paperback $2 U2 LG
The War of 1812 Mulhall, Jill K. 743989074 31-May-05 Paperback $3 U2 UG LIKE NEW
Why Not Lafayette? Fritz, Jean 698118820 19-Mar-01 Paperback $2 U1 D VERY GOOD
Wilberforce: An Activity Book: 24 Ready to Use Lesson Plans Edwards, Andrew 892216727 23-Feb-07 Paperback $3 U2 UG VERY GOOD
William Booth: Soup, Soap, and Salvation Benge, Janet 1576582582 1-Jul-02 Paperback $5 U3 D LIKE NEW
William Booth: The Troublesome Teenager Who Changed the Lives of People No-One Else Would Touch Edwards, Andrew 190308783X 1-Jan-05 Paperback $3 U3 LG LIKE NEW
William Carey: Obliged to Go Benge, Janet 1576581470 1-Jan-98 Paperback $5 U1 D LIKE NEW

I am done homeschooling and I am clearing the shelves. I have materials for all subjects and grades.
If you would like to see this list (or my complete list) in a more readable Excel or pdf file, shoot me an email and I can send it to you. I have about 500 books that I would love to find new happy homes for!

All materials are from a smoke-free, pet-free home and will ship media mail. Postage will be added based on weight. Paypal payments are preferred.

Thanks for looking!