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Thread: USED TOG Yr 1 Books For Sale UG, D, R

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    USED TOG Yr 1 Books For Sale UG, D, R

    Please email me at if you are interested in any of these books.
    Prices do NOT include shipping. Buyer to pay for shipping method of their choice.

    Upper Grammar
    Trial and Triumph by Richard M. Hannula - $4

    How Majestic is Thy Name by Steve Halliday - $4
    Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors by Marian Broida $5
    Gilgamesh the Hero written by G. McCaughrean Illustrated by D. Parkins - $5
    Spend the Day in Ancient Rome by Linda Honan Illustrated by Ellen Kosmer - $5
    Twenty Jataka Tales retold by Noor Inayat Khan - $5
    Alexander The Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World by Simon Adams - $5
    Early Times Series: The Story of Ancient Egypt by Suzanne Strauss Art - $6
    How the Bible came to Us by Meryl Doney - $4
    The Ides of April by Mary Ray - $4
    The Well of Sacrifice by Chris Eboch - $5
    The Church in History by B.K. Kuiper - $8

    Euripides III Edited by D. Grene & R. Lattimore - $5
    The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry Edited by Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping - $5
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    Updated list to reflect available books

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