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Thread: Year 3 Rhetoric, Upper Grammar, Lower Grammar-ALL Subjects-BIG list

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    Year 3 Rhetoric, Upper Grammar, Lower Grammar-ALL Subjects-BIG list

    Y3 Read Alouds for LG, UG, and Dialectic
    Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun by Blumberg H $4
    Across Five Aprils by Hunt S $1

    *****Lower Grammar Y3*****

    Lower Grammar Y3 U1
    South America: The continent and its countries by Rohwer S $4
    How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark S $4

    Lower Grammar Y3 U2

    Lower Grammar Y3 U3
    Civil War Uniforms Coloring Book by Dover S $3

    Lower Grammar Y3 U4

    *****Upper Grammar Y3 Multi Unit books*****
    My Little House Crafts Book by Collins S $5

    Upper Grammar Y3 U1
    Diary of an Early American Boy by Sloane H $7
    William Blake’s Inn by Willard S $4
    The Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch by Giddens-White S $6
    The Louisiana Purchase by Burgan H $6
    The War of 1812 by Mulhall S $5
    Simon Bolivar: Statesman and Liberator by Duberstein S $7
    A Head Full of Notions: A Story About Robert Fulton S $6
    A World of Knowing: A Story about Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet S $6
    Napoleon by Lethbridge H $4
    Danger on the Streets of Gold by Howat S $3

    Upper Grammar Y3 U2
    A Christmas Carol by Krensky S $4
    The Alamo by Copeland/Dover S $3
    The Victorian House Coloring Book by Lewis S $3
    California Ranchos by Rosinsky S $5
    The Oregon Trail by Blashfield S $5
    If You Lived With the Cherokee by Roop S $3
    Frederic Chopin: Son of Poland by Wheeler S $5
    Austrailia: Countries and Cultures by Boraas S $4
    Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille by Freedman S $5
    Les Miserables: Stepping Stones by Kulling S $3
    California Gold Rush by Raum S $3

    Upper Grammar Y3 U3
    Shipwrecked by Blumberg Hm$5
    Seabird by Holling S $5
    Japan the Land by Kalman Sm$5
    China the Land by Kalman S $5
    America in the Time of Sitting Bull by Isaacs Sm$5
    Always Inventing: Alexander Graham Bell by Matthews S $5
    Civil War America by Day S $6
    The Carpetbaggers by Raatma S $5
    If you Traveled on the Undergrou $5nd Railroad by Levine S $4
    Florence Nightengale: Lady with the Lamp by Robbins S $4
    Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield by Prokos S $4
    Thomas Edison: The Great Inventor by Jenner S $3
    Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker by Steenwyk H $4
    Little Women: Great Illustrated Classics H $4
    The Story of the Monitor and The Merrimac by Stein S $3
    Who Was Sitting Bull? By Spinner S $3

    Upper Grammar Y3 U4
    Hands-On Africa by Merrill S $4
    The Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Experiments by Noll H $4
    Ellis Island: New Hope in a New Land by Jacobs H $4
    Immigrant Kids by Freedman S $6
    Orphan Trains by Flanagan S $4
    Marie Curie by Cobb $3
    Pinocchio by Collodi (This is the Unabridged version while UG calls for abridged) S $4
    A Little Princess by Burnett S $4
    Just So Stories by Kiplin S $4
    Sherlock Holmes: Stepping Stones by Conaway S $2
    The Story of George Washington Carver by Moore S $3
    Sarah, Plain and Tall by MacLachlan S $1

    Dialectic Y3 U3
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Twain/Dover S $3
    Emily Dickenson: Poetry for Young People by Bolin S $5

    Dialectic Y3 U4
    The Hound of Baskervilles by Doyle S $4

    *****Rhetoric Y3 Multi Year books*****
    Antebellum America 1984-1850 Volume 4 by Greenhaven S $25
    The Revolutionary Era 1789-1850 by Breunig S $14

    Rhetoric Y3 Multi Unit books
    Imperialism: A History in Documents by Smith H $30
    The Guilded Age by Greenwood S $15
    The Civil War Era 1850-1895 Volume 5 by Greenhaven S $25
    The Age of Nationalism and Reform 1850-1890 by Rich $8
    The Victorian Internet by Standage S $7
    Democracy in America by Tocqueville S $6

    Rhetoric Y3 U1
    Simon Bolivar, The Liberator by Sherwell S $7
    The Early American Republic 1789-1829 by Johnson $12
    Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce by Piper S $4

    Rhetoric Y3 U2
    Victoria and Albert DVD by A&E $9
    The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne/Dover $3
    Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England by Hughes H $6
    Billy Budd, Sailor by Melville S $2
    The Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman by Harness H $7

    Rhetoric Y3 U3
    More than Moccasins by Carlson S $4
    Eyewitness to the Civil War by Hyslop H $12
    Great Expectations by Dickens S $6

    Rhetoric Y3 U4
    Heart of Darkness by Conrad S $2

    Pop Quiz cds and card-great shape-$25
    Evaluations-Dialectic only-$10

    "S" softcover
    "H" hardback

    Most of these books are in super good condition, some look new. I have tried to note if the condition is not as good. Most have a neat name label inside.
    Some of these books have an updated version
    I prefer paypal, but will accept checks.
    Buyer pays media mail shipping.

    Email me directly at
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