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Thread: Reasons to use newest R lit versus 2009 version?

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    Reasons to use newest R lit versus 2009 version?

    I have used Year 1 Rhetoric literature every four years since 2006, and am currently using a 2009-2010 DE version. I recently looked at the latest version (2017) and noticed several major changes. Does anyone know the reasons for the changes and if it would be worth it for me to switch to the newer version for my last three students? I noticed especially that Gilgamesh is dropped, Egyptian literature was spread out one more day, The Illiad is spread out over four weeks versus one week, and both The Illiad and The Odyssey are translated by a different person. Also, The Trojan Women and Frogs are added, Medea and Antigone are dropped, some works were spread out more, with several weeks of theory and background material dropped to make room. The Norton Anthology was dropped in favor of individual books, which sometimes results in different translations; if I do switch to the updated year plan, would I still be able to use the Norton Anthology?

    I appreciate any help from the curriculum writers - Christy Somerville, if that's still you - or teachers experienced in both versions.
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