We have finished our journey with Tapestry of Grace. I have listed the books by year and level. I would like to try and sell everything by level as much as possible because I have so much to sell. I have priced everything at ˝ of what is listed at Bookshelf Central. Shipping is extra and will be done via Media mail. If you need any other books that are with older year plans, let me know. My sweet daughter made me a spreadsheet of books we have that are used with previous year plans. Posted on many sites.

**Please email me at Jethridge@nc.rr.com if interested.

Year 1 Resources
Map Aids Disc- $20
Evaluations- All levels- $20
Pop Quiz CDS and cards- $25

Lower Grammar-Year 1
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, Macaulay
The Great Wall of China, Fisher
The Tale of the Three Trees, Hunt
TOG LG Lot- $15

Upper Grammar-Year 1
Ancient China (Eyewitness Books)
A Triumph for Flavius, Snedeker
D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
Famous Men of Greece, , Haaran
Famous Men of Rome, Haaran
Life in Ancient China, Challen
Life in the Ancient Indus River Valley, Richardson
Life in Ancient Mesopotamia
Mystery of the Roman Ransom, Winterfeld
Pepi and the Secret Names, Walsh
Pompeii: Lost and Found, Christensen
The Corn Grows Ripe, Rhoads
Tirzah, Travis
Tools of the Ancient Greeks, Bordessa
Twice Freed, St. John
Walk with Y’shua Through the Jewish Year, Wertheim and Shapiro
TOG 1 UG lot- $85

Dialectic-Year 1
Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World, Wilhelm
Ancient India: The Ancient World, Lassieur
Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors, Broida
Ancient Israelites and their Neighbors, Broida
Ancient Times: The Story of the First Americans, Art
Archimdes and the Door of Science, Bendick
Black Ships Before Troy, Sutcliff
Gilgamesh the Hero, McCaughrean
How the Bible Came to Us, Doney
Hittite Warrior, Williamson
How Majestic is Thy Name,
Internet-Linked Romans
Jewish Holidays All Year Round, Cooper
Pompeii, Connolly
Spend the Day in Ancient Greece, Honan
Tales of Ancient Egypt, Green
The Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Church
The Ancient Greek World, Roberts and Barrett
The Bronze Bow, Speare
The Golden Goblet, McGraw
The Ides of April, Ray
The McElderry Book of Greek Myths, Kimmel
The Story of Ancient Egypt, Art
The Wanderings of Odysseus, Sutcliff
The Well of Sacrifice, Eboch
Twenty Jakata Tales, Khan
Victory Walls: A Story of Nehemiah, Hyman
Wonders and Miracles, Kimmel
Year 1 D Lot- $185

Rhetoric-Year 1
Adam and His Kin, Beechick
Ancient India, Lassieur
God’s of Ancient Egypt, LaFontaine
Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilization, Haywood
Hitler, Marrin
Holman Bible Atlas
Mythology, Hamilton
The Feasts of Adonai: Why Christians should look at the Biblical Feasts, Moody
The Pharoah’s of Ancient Egypt, Payne
These were the Greeks, Amos and Lang
These were the Romans, Tingay and Badcock
Warfare in the Classical World, Warry
Words of Delight, Ryken
TOG 1 R Lot $125