We have finished our journey with Tapestry of Grace. I have listed the books by year and level. I would like to try and sell everything by level as much as possible because I have so much to sell. I have priced everything at of what is listed at Bookshelf Central. Shipping is extra and will be done via Media mail. If you need any other books that are with older year plans, let me know. My sweet daughter made me a spreadsheet of books we have that are used with previous year plans. Posted on many sites.

**Please email me at Jethridge@nc.rr.com if interested.

TOG Year 3,
Map Aids CD- $20
Pop Quiz CDs and cards$25

TOG Year 3 Rhetoric Level
Democracy in America, De Tocoqueville, underlining and notes in margins
Eyewitness to the Civil War: The Complete History from Secession to Reconstruction, Kagan
Imperialism: A History in Documents
Great Expectations, Dickens, minor underlining
Our Time, Wilder
Simon Bolivar the Liberator, Sherwell
The Age of Nationalism and Reform 1850-1890, Rich, some underlining and notes in margins
The Civil War 1850-1895 (American History by Era) Vol. 5
The Early American Republic, Johnson, some notes in margins
TOG Year 3 Rhetoric Lot- $150