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Thread: Cannot print from year 4 DE

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    Cannot print from year 4 DE

    I have been using TOG for 12 years and DE since it was released.
    For some reason, I cannot print from my year 4 DE.
    The print button has a circle with a slash through it over the printer.
    I have re-downloaded it and that didn't change anything.
    I have checked my other 3 year plans and I can still print from all of those, just year 4 is affected.
    Any ideas??


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    Update: I have discovered that this problem is only for week 1.
    I have tried other weeks in Year 4 and they are able to be printed.
    I also went to browse the full unit and I am able to print from there, so I have everything printed that I need.
    A very strange problem, glad I found a way around it.


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