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Thread: Year 4 Books-LG, D, R-Long list

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    Year 4 Books-LG, UG, D, R-Long list

    *****Y4 Read Alouds for LG, UG, and Dialectic*****
    Children of the Great Depression by Freedom H $6
    Kids at Work by Hine S $5
    Red Scarf Girl by Jiang S $4

    Lower Grammar Y4 U1
    The Glorious Flight by Provensen S $3
    Duke Ellington by Pinkney $2

    Lower Grammar Y4 U2
    The Story of Anne Frank by Lewis S $3
    Count Your Way Through Korea by Haskins S $4
    Peacebound Trains by Balgassi $4

    Lower Grammar Y4 U3
    If you lived at the Time of Martin Luther King by Levine S $3

    *****Upper Grammar Y4 Multi Year books*****

    Upper Grammar Y4 U1
    World War I Eyewitness H $5
    The Wind in the Willows by Grahame $3
    The House of Sixty Fathers by Dejong $3

    Upper Grammar Y4 U2
    The Cold War by Taylor S $7
    Gladys Aylward by Benge S $4

    Upper Grammar Y4 U3
    Martin Luther King Jr. by Jones S $3

    ****Dialectic Y4 Multi Year books*****
    The Making of Modern Africa by Obadina H $6
    World Studies Africa by Prentice Hall H $6
    Our Living Constitution by Aten S $6

    Dialectic Y4 Multi Unit books
    The Complete Idiot's Guide to 20th Century History by Axelrod S $4
    Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel by Wolfman S $8

    Dialectic Y4 U1
    Billy Sunday by Allen S $6
    With Daring Faith by Davis S $6

    Dialectic Y4 U2
    A Voice in the Dark: Richard Wurmbrand by Mackenzie S $5
    No Mountain Too High: Gladys Aylward by Grant S $5
    The Watchmaker's Daughter: Corrie Ten Boom by Watson S $5

    Dialectic Y4 U3
    The Lilies of the Field by Barrett S $2
    Brother Andrew: Men of Faith by Wooding S $4
    My Side of the Mountain by George S $4

    Dialectic Y4 U4
    Teresa of Calcutta by Watson S $6
    Raising Dragons by Davis S $5
    The War in Iraq by Watts S $3

    *****Rhetoric Y4 Multi Year books*****
    Imperialism: A History in Documents by Smith H $30

    Rhetoric Y4 Multi Unit book
    Only Yesterday by Allen S $5
    The Cold War: A History in Document by Winkler S $20

    Rhetoric Y4 U1
    All Quiet on the Western Front by Remarque S $4
    America in the 1900's and 1910's by Callan H $20

    Rhetoric Y4 U2
    The Chosen by Potok S $4

    Rhetoric Y4 U3
    The Normal Christian Life by Nee S $4
    To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee S $5
    Gandhi and India by Sofri S $7
    God's Smuggler by Sherrill S $7
    Siddhartha by Hesse S $3

    Rhetoric Y4 U4
    Concise Theology by Packer S $6
    Light Force by Janssen S $4
    Eyewitness to Power by Gergen S $4
    Objects of Grace by Romaine S $6


    Buyer pays media mail shipping
    Most books are in very good to excellent condition.

    email if interested
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