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Thread: FS: Y4 Rhetoric History books and DVD

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    FS: Y4 Rhetoric History books and DVD

    Hi! For sale is a set of the Y4 Rhetoric History books and DVD. The books are in very good to excellent condition, with no markings or highlighting in them. All books are current, except one, as noted in the list below. For your convenience, printouts of the Reading Assignment pages for the OOP book are included. I am asking $285 for the set, which is appx. 50% off the Bookshelf Central prices, and includes ppd media mail and insurance. Please contact me at with questions or if interested in purchasing the set. I prefer PayPal for payment, but will accept personal check, shipping the set once the check clears.

    Thank you!

    -Carol from MA


    ** **
    America in the 1900s and 1910s Callan, Jim $35.00 $17.50

    Imperialism: A History in Documents Smith, Bonnie G. $59.95 $29.98

    Only Yesterday Allen, Frederick L. $14.00 $7.00

    Stalin: Russia's Man of Steel Marrin, Albert $13.95 $6.98

    Three "Whys" of the Russian Revolution Pipes, Richard $11.60 $5.80

    World War I Willmott, H.P. $22.20 $11.10

    America in the 1930's Callan, Jim $35.00 $17.50

    Feasts of Adonai, The Moody, Valerie $29.30 $14.65

    Good Fight: How World War II Was Won, The Ambrose, Stephen E. $22.35 $11.18

    Hitler Marrin, Albert $13.95 $6.98

    Understanding Jewish History 2* Scharfstein, Sol $19.95 $9.98

    America in the 1950's Wills, Charles A. $35.00 $17.50

    America in the 1960's Callan, Jim $35.00 $17.50

    Force Born of Truth: Mohandas Gandhi and the Salt March, The Kuhn, Betsy $36.25 $18.13

    Mao Zedong Meisner, Maurice $24.95 $12.48

    Presidents Fact Book, The Matuz, Roger $26.99 $13.50

    America in the 1970's Burns, Bree $35.00 $17.50

    America in the 1990's Ochoa, George $35.00 $17.50

    Charge Kept, A Bush, George $12.95 $6.48

    Cold War: A History in Documents, The Winkler, Allan M. $34.95 $17.48

    Eyewitness to Power Gergen, David $15.90 $7.95

    NBC News Presents: Ronald Reagan (DVD) Anchored by Philipps, Stone $9.99 $5.00

    $579.23 $289.62

    * This book is not included, but its predecessor is: Understanding Israel, by Sol Scharfstein.
    For your convenience, the related Reading Assignment charts will be included.
    Also included is the book Understanding Jewish Holidays and Customs, by Sol Scharfstein,
    which can be used by Dialectic and Rhetoric students.
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