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Thread: Co-op Year 1

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    Would anyone have any information on a virtual co-op taking place this year using Elluminate/Moodle???

    We just completed a successful year of participating in a virtual co-op (Not TOG) using Elluminate/Moodle and it was outstanding!

    We attempted a TOG co-op in the past using WizIQ and the technology was not compatible w/our computer. =(

    I am aware of the classes being offered thru TOG, however, I would like to explore various options. =)

    Thanks for any information or leads~
    Lisa in Virginia

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    Hi Lisa!

    I remember all too well the frustration you felt trying to get WiZiQ to work for y'all! Well, I'm not sure where your student is at this point, but I wanted to let you know that our virtual co-op will be coming under Lampstand Learning Center (which means Eluminate! )and we have a couple of spots open in our Rhetoric Lit class (and possibly in the Rhetoric History class as well).

    If that sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to email me at marcieharper @ atlanticbb dot net (no spaces - replace the dot).

    I hated that we were never able to make it work for you - dial-up and WiZiQ just don't get along. But we're happy to leave WiZiQ behind for next year - even with our high speed connections.
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