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Thread: Year plans are "off cycle" for high school- what do I call them on transcript?

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    I am starting my 14 ds's 9th grade in the middle of YR4 and then I plan to progress so he finishes the 4 year cycle at the end of 12th grade. But he will finish in the middle of YR 4. So what do I call his history courses on his transcript?

    9th is YR4 U3/U4 and YR1 U1/U2
    10th YR1 U3/U4

    I'd like to have the classes listed for each grade vs having a transcript that shows which courses he took by subject and not by grade.

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    For 9th grade, I'd actually give two half-credits:
    1/2 credit: Recent Modern History
    1/2 credit: Early Ancient History or Ancient History I

    10th grade: Later Ancient History or Ancient History II

    11th grade: Middle Ages and Renaissance History or Western Civilization

    12th grade: Early American History or Western Civilization II

    Hope this gives you some ideas!

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    Wow. I've been really stressing about this. What a great answer you gave. Thanks!

    Now, I saw on some other forum posts that colleges are looking for Economics and Government courses for history/Social Studies. Would I count one or both of those as electives?

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