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Thread: Map Aids, Evaluations-New Order-Confused

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    There are three options for these.
    1) Digital- I don't need that
    2) Installation Cd-?
    3) Standalone Cd- ?

    What is meant by standalone or Installation. Does "Installation" mean you actually install this on the computer, and "standalone" means you have to insert this disk each time? What would be the benefits to either one? I think we used standalone this year-a borrowed one. Confused about what to buy. Thanks for any help from anyone.

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    Hi, jalebedenlu!

    The "Digital" option is a download of the supplement in Tapestry DE format. The "Installation CD" option is that same file (on a CD) which is then used to install the files onto your hard drive. The "Standalone CD" option has all the files in .pdf format, and you must have the CD to access the files. The Standalone version is resalable, but the other two are not. Hope this helps.

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