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Thread: Those bad weeks

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    We all have them, Mum is sick, the kid's are sick, you move house or break a leg.

    What do you do with TOG when you get behind due to life's unexpected events? Skip it and move on? Try to catch up? Just do the essentials for that week? Work into the holidays to catch up?

    I've spent the best part of the last two days in bed and DH has stayed home to look after us. He'll go back to work tomorrow but I don't think I'll be up to schooling for a few more days yet.
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 4
    C (9, UG)
    D (7, LG)
    J (6 months)

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    Hi Kylie,
    Well, until my kids were in high school and needed to accomplish a given work load in order to obtain a credit, I talked to them about what we skipped or watched a DVD on the topic matter. Then I moved on. I felt like part of their education was in learning how to deal with stresses that come into everyone's lives. There is no better place to learn that than under the watchful eye of mom and dad!

    Hope you feel better quickly!
    Dana C. in TN

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    Thank you Dana.
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 4
    C (9, UG)
    D (7, LG)
    J (6 months)

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