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Thread: Spelling Power

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    I am looking for a spelling program for next year (2nd grade). I bought Natural Speller but I am overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start. Grade level words look to easy and I don't want to customize it for four kids.

    Spelling Power looks much easier to implement but it's a little spendy. Can anyone who uses this tell me pros / cons of it? I know hubby is going to say "I thought you already bought a spelling book" so I want to be as sure as possible!
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    My family tried Spelling Power a couple of times, but it never worked for us so I am sure others can tell you more about its pros. For us, the Spelling Power words weren't arranged in the lists to make them memorable and the rules for each list often seemed to be a stretch.

    We have found a spelling program that is similar to Spelling Power, but works so much better for our family -- Sequential Spelling by AVKO. The cost to try this program is very inexpensive, about $12. What really makes this program work is the arrangement of the words in word families such as "in, pin, spin, spinning, begin, beginning." My children have really learned to spell using this program. (During the time we were using Spelling Power, my children could get the words right on the tests, but they couldn't spell those same words correctly in their other writing.)

    Here is a website for more informtion
    The best price I have found for Sequential Spelling is at Rainbow Resource.

    I hope you find what will work well for your family.


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    We, too, couldn't make Spelling Power work for us. Some of the lists would follow the rule listed but many words in many lists had nothing to do with the rule or just plain didn't follow the rule. The kids would do well with the daily tests and liked only having to study words they got wrong, but no one ever remembered long term. We've floundered around with spelling ever since and I finally decided to just go back to the basics and teach, re-teach, review the basic rules. It's too soon to tell if it's working or not. But we will not go back to Spelling Power again.

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    Thank you!!

    I will keep searching. Maybe I'll see if I can find a way to make what I have work. I have considered just skipping formal spelling and maybe just working on reviewing rules if I see mistakes in writing. Does anyone not "do" spelling?
    Mom to 5 kiddos age 2-9

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    We've done well with Spelling Power with my oldest, but it does take a learning curve to get started. You have to test your children through a series of tests designed to place them at their proper spelling level. Once in the plan, it's pretty easy to do everyday.

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    I have a first grader that we do second grade curriculum with. We don't do a separate spelling program. For language arts we use the alpha omega lifepacs. That has spelling in it, and I feel that that is sufficient for this age. Most of the words are easy for her even though she's only six. I attribute that to her smarts and a lot of reading. So for now, as long as she is challenging herself in reading and getting an A in spelling, I don't think its necessary to spend the money on more curriculum for now.

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    I used Spelling Power with my two oldest children...but just couldn't make it fit my youngest. So, I did some research and decided on All About Spelling. It was fairly inexpensive and easy to implement.

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    I just feel the need to give Spelling Power a little love! Granted, we haven't been using it long, so time will tell, but I really appreciate it's approach. And both of our kids who are using it like it. I like that it takes such little time, and they seem to like the "challenge" of the daily tests.

    We used Sequential Spelling for awhile, and while I also thought it was a good approach, it required a lot more time from me... (which resulted in us not doing it a lot... and no spelling program is going to work that way!)

    We'll see. But I'm happy with Spelling Power so far. As far as the cost, I found a second hand copy at You can check the "for sale" ads or post a "want" ad for whatever you are looking for.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I want to second that. I really like Spelling Power. It gives us the flexibility we need - do as little or as much as can be mananged each day. It also allows an individualized approach which was also a necessity since I have one great speller and one spelling-challenged child. My 3rd grader rapidly worked through three grade levels this year (at the end of 5th grade now)! My 4th grader struggled to complete the 2nd grade level and is now diligently working through the 3rd grade words. I definitely see progress so I think it is working.

    Regarding the cost: I love that I have all the levels through 12th grade all in one book for a one-time purchase. In terms of value, this book is excellent because I can use it for all my children all the way through school. The only other curriculum I have like that is Tapestry of Grace!
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    We just started using Spelling Power this year, but I really do like it. I am using it with my 9 and 13 year-olds. My 13yo has always had trouble with spelling and I have seen a definite improvement. The 9yo has good days and bad days. Thus far, I haven't really implemented the activities. That would probably help, but will certainly take more of my time.

    Best wishes on making your decision. God bless!

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