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Thread: Spelling Power

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    Thanks for the opinions ladies.

    I ended up going with All About Spelling. So far the jury is still out on whether it works, but it is very open and go which I like. It is more expensive than Spelling Power but can be reused with all kids (like Spelling Power) so that helps. In my short time homeschooling, TOG is the only thing I don't second guess.(lol)

    Lovinlaundry, congrats on the Wee One.
    Mom to 5 kiddos age 2-9

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    We have tried Spelling Power and Sequential Spelling with some success. However, we love All About Spelling. I call it the "Math U See" of spelling. Using manipulatives helps them to see the why behind a spelling rule and the constant review helps keep the rules fresh for both mom and student. I can refer to them when a child is having diffuculty spelling a word at other times. Teaching spelling is actually fun for me using this program, which I never thought possible.

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