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    When I was planning our Medieval Feast I searched this forum for ideas. It was hard to find details so I thought I would post our feast ideas for others.
    Banquet Hall (my family room) was decorated with paper table cloths. We used black and then cut a maroon one in 4 strips (and added these vertical strips every 3 or 4 feet. When then printed fleur de lis designs and placed them on the hung tablecloths (tapestries) for a beautiful tapestry look.
    Castle Walls were the entry way of my house. We painted 12 x 18 sheets of white construction paper (I could not find gray) you could special order this if you plan ahead. We painted a darker gray border to simulate the mortar and then sponged a lighter gray for the block look. It worked out so much better than we thought. It really looked like a castle. I have a small arched entry to my family room where we placed a small portcullis using black streamers and then had a blue cloth moat and a brown paper drawbridge. Our banner hung from the castle wall. The rest of the entry before the drawbridge was decorated like Sherwood Forest and we had our display of crafts, timeline, lapbook, castles in the entry way.
    Food: adapted from Tapestries ideas. This was our Bill of Fare.
    Autumn Cider, Milk, Berry Drink
    Variety of Ale, Wine
    Decaffeinated Coffee—Strong, bitter drink made from beans imported from yet undiscovered kingdoms. A substance named Caffeine, which makes people stay awake, has been mysteriously extracted.
    Variety of Teas
    First Remove
    Parsley Bread, Rose Petal Bread
    Herb Butter, Honey Butter
    Variety of Cheeses
    Butternut Squash Soup, Lentil Soup
    Hardboiled Eggs
    Second Remove
    Wild Boar (a la Baked Ham)
    Wild Pheasant (a la Chicken Legs) Caught in the King’s Own Forest
    Dear Meat, complements of Lord ___________
    Ryse of Flesh (Rice Accompaniment)
    Mushroom Tart
    Third Remove
    Castle Pies (children will create their own subtlety)
    Gingerbread Delight
    Bread Trenchers
    (Note: Do not eat these. They are your plates!)

    Events: Our order of events. We had this printed with graphics that I cannot put here and placed, along with the Bill of Fare, on the tables. This is adapted from Tapestries order of events.
    Medieval Feast Order of Events
    Welcome to our Medieval Feast, good noble Lords and Ladies all!
    During the Feast, listen for the instructions and forget not to speak in your Olde English tongue. Be of good cheer!
    1. Beginning Games: Archery by Lord and Knight ___________, Games by his Lady ___________.
    2. Greetings by the Surveyor of Ceremonies, Lord ____________.
    a. Discuss about drinks and then have everyone get a drink of their choosing.
    3. Opening Prayer and Dedication of the Feast by Friar ___________.
    4. Accounting for the Poor: Surveyor asks Friar ___________if they are ready to begin the feast. Friar ___________replies, “Not until the poor have been accounted for!” The Surveyor then commands the food basket to be passed. Servitor Lady ___________will come by with food basket.
    5. The Laverer and the Quamanile
    Surveyors calls Page ___________and Page ___________, who help the guest to wash their hands with spiced and herbed warm water. They will come around and collect cloth when done. Surveyor explains this is an important ritual.
    We will have warm towels for the boys to pass around. Don’t set on table.
    6. First Remove: Look at your Bill of Fare for details. Many items for this remove (course) are already on the table. Servitors Lady ___________and Lady ___________will serve the soups.
    7. Entertainment:
    Jester ___________and ___________entertain guests with a juggling routine of their own design while the soup is being poured and the food for the poor is being collected.
    Lady ___________will continue with games.
    8. Second Remove: Main feast fare served by Ladies ___________, ___________, ___________, ___________, and ___________.
    9. Entertainment:
    Lady ___________and Lady ___________will demonstrate children’s games during the Medieval Period assisted by Lady ___________.

    Medieval citizens.

    Lady ___________– Monk
    Lady ___________– Serf
    Lady ___________– Knight
    Lady ___________– Merchant
    Lady ___________– Lord
    Lady ___________- Crusader
    Lady ___________– Joan of Arc
    10. Third Remove: Sirs and Ladies will make their own Fruit Pie with the help of Lady ___________. Gingerbread will be served by Lady ___________
    11. Farewell by Lord ___________and Closing Prayer by Friar ___________

    If want pictures or need any help you can email me at
    We had a great time!
    Renae in AZ

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    Awesome Post!
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