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    I am part of a co-op where I teach writing, but not literature. I am wondering if you might have some suggestions for literature books to use for the literary comparison paper in year 4. The kids have already done a literary analysis of "All Quiet on the Western Front". So, I didn't know if there was a good book in Unit 3 or 4 to use as a comparison with that, or if you might suggest 2 completely different books. Thanks so much!


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    Hi Julie. :-) We don't recommend literary comparison papers until the end of each year, so that students will have as much as possible to pick from in deciding which two books to write about. For that reason, I am only just now getting around to selecting suggested topics for the literary comparison paper.

    I do think that it's easier for students to pick two books they have already studied in literature, rather than having to find, read, and analyze two new books (though of course if students have plenty of time, that could be an enriching option). I don't know whether there really is a book that compares well to All Quiet on the Western Front in Y4... it is rather unique. I'd be more likely to suggest that students compare The Chosen and To Kill A Mockingbird (both coming-of-age stories that show young people grappling with adult issues). I'm sure I will wind up picking out a couple of other suggestions, but that is the one that occurs to me off the top of my head.

    Hope that helps a little bit!

    Christy Somerville

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    Definately helpful! Will you be posting some suggestions later? Where would I look to find those? Thanks so much!!

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    Is there somewhere I can see some suggested topics for the Literary Compasrison Paper in Year 4?

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    The topics are in the Teacher's Notes during the first week that the comparison papers are assigned.

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