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    I have read and reread the transparency/map aids thread but I am still in a fog. This is my first year with TOG and I am really in a fog about geography in general.

    So, first, do you print of each of the student maps onto a transparency? Specifically, I am in year 2 redesigned unit 3 , and 4 and will also do Year3 unit 1 . As you remember, we are starting with the colonies. I think we print the first map of land and body on paper and then the others on transparency paper.

    I have read that the transparencies can be expensive. Is there a certain weight that is cheaper but still will work in a printer? Is it best to just let a copy shop do it for you so that they dont jam your printer? If so, is there a place on the map aids cd that says it is ok to reproduce? My print shop is a stickler about seeing in writing that it is ok to reproduce.

    I see in the introduction that the goals are for the student to learn about the climate, fauna, flora etc. Will this be laid out in question form each week for children to research or do I just tell them from my teacher's notes? Also, will a historical atlas give this kind of info?
    Which atlas is considered the best to go along with TOG>

    Any other tricks on how to make this successful? My ds 10 does not like craftsy projects but is excited about doing this so I want to do it well.



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    Hi Trisha,
    The first thing you do is print, on white paper or cardstock, the transparency maps that are in the setup week. (Mostly they are the continents and a few countries.)

    Then, in MapAids, from week to week, it will tell you when to do another transparency map, if you've chosen to do that country for your project.

    Personally, I just put a blank transparency over the cardstock outline, thus removing any need to print on a transparency.

    Yes, whenever something besides map labels is required, it will ask pertinent questions in the Student Activity Pages. Sometimes you will need to help them from the Teacher's Notes or their history books that they've read that week. A historical atlas doesn't always give that type of information.

    Look on the supporting links for Year 2 Geography and you'll see the atlas that we recommend.

    Hope this helps!
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