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Thread: more time...WHAT'S HIGH SCHOOL?

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    Whee! It was great to check back this AM and absorb this conversation. I very much appreciate the time and thought you ladies put into your posts. You all have given great advice, and I'll heed it! We do pull in R level books at times when I recognize them (and being a bookaholic can't pass them by...) I personally would love to wallow and bask in every book recommended by TOG, but my oldest has some very special skills pretty well diametrically opposed to literature, and that is the tension I'm feeling. How much to press the child where he struggles to follow along? My second kid will love rhetoric. We'll just keep marching along and lean toward rhetoric as able, and it will work out. I myself have as much education as a body can tolerate, totaling 7 post-graduate years, but my real challenge and education is raising six dynamic kids! By the grace of God we'll do it and do it well, and I'll merit another degree when we're done.

    I like the swimming much of life we are working as hard as we can, wondering if we're in too deep, but looking back later we wouldn't trade the adventure for anything.

    Thank you, thank you; Erika

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    I recommend that you try allowing your R student to use audiobooks to help with Literature. The library has many of the titles available. As I've found that students who are typically not inclined towards literature respond well when listening via audiobook while following along with the novel. You can even chose to use the abridged on unabridged reading.

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