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Speech Archives

Homeschoolers have to learn how to teach, so we've made some of our favorite speeches and seminars available for your purchase.

  1. Teaching with Tapestry of Grace™ by Marcia Somerville
  2. Writing Workshop, Sessions 1&2 by Marcia Somerville
  3. Considering Co-op Options by Marcia Somerville
  4. The Nearness of God is My Good by Marcia Somerville
  5. Meeting with God: A Toolbox Approach by Marcia Somerville
  6. Bleach for Stained Hearts by Marcia Somerville
  7. Tips for Teaching a Houseful by Marcia Somerville
  8. What Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Homeschooling by Scott Somerville
  9. Master Plan by Scott Somerville
  10. Power Tools by Scott Somerville
  11. Under Construction by Scott Somerville
  12. The History and Future of American Education by Scott Somerville
  13. Practical Theology for Parenting Teens by Marcia Somerville