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Week 20

When they first approach the content of Unit 3, older students may feel that they have spent lots of time on Colonial America already. But they should be pleasantly surprised as assignments in this unit at their level will assume familiarity with the basic history of Colonial America and build on this foundation by focusing equally on parallel events in Europe. For elementary-aged students there is plenty of time for a detailed study of Colonial America. Many terrific hands-on projects are recommended for these younger students as well.

Lesson Planning

Click below to find sample lesson plans, showing how you might break up the assignments listed above throughout the week! Please note that Tapestry does not provide similar lesson plans for other weeks ... these are just for you to see how you might do it.*

lg1.pdf ug1.pdf d1.pdf r1.pdf

*Scheduling note:

Flexibility is one of the core concepts on which Tapestry of Grace is built. Your family is unique, and your weekly schedule can and should vary from the schedules of other families.

Because of our immense respect for the full and varied schedule of homeschoolers, Tapestry does not schedule assignments day by day. You won't find a Monday reading assignment followed by a Tuesday craft assignment; Tapestry assigns work by the week, and allows you to shape your school's schedule in a way that fits your family best.

To get you started structuring your week, we strongly recommend the "Read — Think — Write" method, which you'll find all throughout Tapestry. This suggests that you lead your kids through assignments in that order; first they read assignments (possibly trying to finish their reading in the first half of the week), then they think through topics with you in discussion in the middle of the week, and then finally, they respond to what they have read and discussed by writing (or, for your younger students, making crafts!) in the latter half of the week.

This organizational method will provide your students time to digest assignments and respond thoughtfully. It will also give you a great way to think through breaking up a week of assignments in Tapestry of Grace.