The Tapestry Story

One night, I greeted my husband on his way in from work with these memorable words: "This is where we stop home schooling."

I meant it. I had six children, ranging from grades K-8, and I was trying to faithfully plan, implement, correct, and record 150 lessons a week.

My vision was to give my children the rich educational experience I had enjoyed in my youth at a top prep school, yet I wasn’t even meeting basic requirements. Daily, I felt condemnation, guilt, and anxiety as I threw workbooks at them and tried to believe that somehow they would teach themselves independently. Now, my solution was to quit. But God had a better idea.

Through a combination of prayer, the encouragement of women who had walked the home school high school road before me, and circumstances (such as the fact that I had a classics-based high school education and received a degree in History from Dartmouth College), God led me to define my priorities more clearly, change my methods drastically, and persevere in well-doing energetically.

What emerged was a synthesis of sound educational methods that fulfilled my hopes and dreams for my children’s education – and more! I saw, through leading a co-op of other children along with my own, that the plan which is now called Tapestry of Grace involved a method of study that had great flexibility, yet offered real help to moms with vision and a desire to implement a Christian, classics-based, apologetics-oriented, meaty, integrated program for every child in their house. My prayer in honing and printing this curriculum is that it will bless and empower you as it has me.

Secure in the faithful love of Jesus,

Marcia L. Somerville

Marcia L. Somerville
Author of Tapestry of Grace™