What Is Tapestry?

Tapestry of Grace
is an award-winning homeschool curriculum.

It's a plan of study that helps parents provide a Christian, classical education using a guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme. From Grades K–12, all students cycle through world history every four years, with all ages studying the same slice of history each week, each at their own learning level. Detailed lesson plans and discussion outlines enable parents to be their children’s primary teachers and mentors and shape their students’ biblical worldviews.

Cyclical Education

Your student covers the history of the world once every four years, each time learning more and studying at a deeper level. You can begin using Tapestry with any year-plan, which means that no matter where you currently are in your family’s study of history, Tapestry will fit with your family’s journey.

Integrated studies of 8 school subjects

Tapestry ties together all the humanities subjects your student could study—History, Literature, Church History, Geography, Fine Arts, Government, Writing & Composition, and Philosophy—with history as the central organizing theme.

all 12 grades engage in Whole-family learning

All your students are studying the same topic, but each at his own learning level. This will take your whole family—together—on the adventure of a lifetime: a guided, in-depth tour of Western civilization. And the joy of learning, along with the unforgettable memories that everyone will share, will build your whole family together.

Key Logo Tapestry Key

Want an quick guide to Tapestry terms and ideas? Of course you do. Even a map needs a key.