About Advisors

Our certified Advisors have had in-depth training, and most have used Tapestry products in their own homes. Some have also been involved in group classes. If you have a desire to help others use Tapestry, or if you can't find an Advisor near you, you might consider becoming an Advisor yourself! If you want to know more, click on "Become an Advisor" in the tab above.

Contact our Advisor Liaison, Nikki Caywood, if you have other questions.

Become an Advisor

If you are interested in participating in our Advisor program, please complete the following application and watch this first session of training.

Tapestry has proven to be an academically sound curriculum for thousands of homes and co-ops across America and around the world. Our goal has always been to support homeschooling families through a parent-enriched program that enables a challenging, Christian worldview-oriented education. In 2013, we completed our last major revisions and believe that our program has reached its full expression and potential (although this doesn't mean that there won't be new products in the future!). At Lampstand Press, we've prayed and asked God, "What's next?" We now feel strongly led to shift our central focus from curriculum refinement to strengthening and expanding our support network for Tapestry users.


Most of the resources you will access are found in your portal in Moodle: