About Fellowship Groups

We at Lampstand Press have long supported group teaching. For four years, we have offered excellent paid classes through our Lampstand Learning Center (LLC). We have also done our best to encourage all-volunteer co-ops that our customers have run on their own. However, in the past, we have not had the resources to support such local groups as much as we would have liked.

Having fully developed and vetted Tapestry of Grace and its related Supplements, Lampstand Press has the confidence, experience, and fiscal resources to strengthen our support of homeschooling parents by creating a network of sponsored Fellowship Groups that supports homeschooling parents who elect to use Tapestry of Grace as their centerpiece curriculum in group contexts.

Form a Fellowship Group

Please read the linked documents below to learn about forming your own Fellowship Group.

After reading the documents, if you are interested in becoming a group, please fill out the following application and someone on our staff will contact you within 48 business hours.

Fellowship Group Resources

Here's a group of things to help those of you who are involved in or are interested in forming a Fellowship Group:

If you desire to utilize Tapestry Primer as part of your Fellowship Group, or if you wish to have a Primer Activity Group, please email Dana.