About Master Teachers

Hello! Thanks for checking into our Master Teacher Training series. Our purpose for this series is to add tools to the toolboxes of those who wish to master the art of teaching, especially those who use Tapestry of Grace or Tapestry Primer. We hope to help teachers grow in at least three areas:

  1. Ability to impart information in various subjects.
  2. Ability to coach students as they struggle for subject mastery.
  3. Ability to disciple students spiritually.

To that end, we try not only to share with you the information about various subjects which you must teach to your student, but also tools for encouraging, disciplining, inspiring, and discipling them, and ways of tailoring materials to their various strengths and weaknesses.

Become a Master Teacher

If you are interested in participating in our Master Teacher program, please complete the following application, read our policies and procedures, and watch this first session of training.

**Please note that some of the policies mentioned in this video have changed. Be sure to click on the policies and FAQ linked above the video for current information.

Welcome to the Master Teacher Training series! In this first of six core sessions, instructor Marcia Somerville spends about the first third of the hour introducing the goals and content for Master Teacher Training series as a whole. She then moves on to key topics that will serve all teachers. Marcia will walk you through some self-assessment exercises (using a handout that you should download and not pre-read before viewing the session). Having helped the viewer to clarify where she now is as a teacher, Marcia then helps her to set SMART(ER) goals for developing skills that are foundational to all good teaching. She concludes with encouragement (especially for young teachers) as she reminds the Christian viewer of the greater goals for which we all labor, and Who is going to help us all along the way.

If you are interested in either auditing this session or taking it for certification, you should read about how we have set up the Master Teacher Training series.

This first session is free to all! You may watch it here on our website by clicking on the cover above. If you would like to download it to your hard drive, you can "purchase" it for FREE at our store HERE. Subsequent sessions will have fees associated with them, and will only be available from our Store.

Training Resources

The following sessions are the core and prerequisite sessions you'll need to take before progressing to further electives. You can find other electives under the "Teacher Training Online" tab in the left navigation bar.