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Tapestry University exists to help families reach their educational goals by establishing edifying relationships, encouraging and equipping leaders, and enabling conversations that will enable people to come together to learn, discuss, and grow.

As we assist families in reaching their educational goals, we desire to build appropriate, mutually-beneficial, supportive, and genuine connections between Lampstand Press and those implementing our materials. This includes in-person contacts through email, phone calls, social media, conferences, and trips. Additionally, our Advisors provide a vital avenue of assistance that can't be beat!

We also desire to equip our teachers (in Home Academies, Fellowship Groups, and co-ops) reach their academic goals by facilitating classes that help teachers teach more effectively. We also desire to publish content that helps teachers feel confident and excited about their roles as teachers. Some of the helps we provide in this regard are helps through our Company Blog, seasonal Tapestry University courses, and recorded Tapestry Teacher Training and Master Teacher Training. Plus, our staff is available to help you in various aspects of your teaching journey.

Lastly, Lampstand Press desires to provide contexts where people can come together to learn, discuss and grow. These types of contexts may include virtual campuses and live seasonal events. We also want to learn about evolutions in communications and teacher development so that we can potentially make use of them to effectively serve our community of users that we call Tapestry University.

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Our Advisor Liason is Sheri Payne. If you have a question or need, please contact her by email at, or find her at the Advisor's Facebook group.

Master Teachers and Fellowship Groups

These policies and pages have been updated in April 2016. Please feel free to email Lampstand Press if you have any questions.

Tapestry University Roles and Groups

  • Advisors explain the educational philosophy and vision of Tapestry of Grace to new families exploring the program.
  • Master Teachers evaluate and instruct Tapestry faculty members to do better teaching, whether in individual family academies or in group classes.
  • Fellowship Groups comprise Tapestry University's system of group learning. They reflect our ultimate goal of strengthening and supporting homeschooling parents.