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Tapestry University exists to help families reach their educational goals by establishing edifying relationships, encouraging and equipping leaders, and enabling conversations that will enable people to come together to learn, discuss, and grow.

As we assist families in reaching their educational goals, we desire to build appropriate, mutually-beneficial, supportive, and genuine connections between Lampstand Press and those implementing our materials. This includes in-person contacts through email, phone calls, social media, and conferences. Additionally, our Advisors provide a vital avenue of assistance that can't be beat!

We also desire to equip our teachers (in Home Academies or Registered Co-ops) reach their academic goals by facilitating classes that help teachers teach more effectively. We also desire to publish content that helps teachers feel confident and excited about their roles as teachers. Some of the helps we provide in this regard are helps through our Company Blog, seasonal Tapestry University courses, and recorded Tapestry Teacher Training and Master Teacher Training. Plus, our staff is available to help you in various aspects of your teaching journey.

Lastly, Lampstand Press desires to provide contexts where people can come together to learn, discuss and grow. These types of contexts may include virtual campuses and live seasonal events. We also want to learn about evolutions in communications and teacher development so that we can potentially make use of them to effectively serve our community of users that we call Tapestry University.


Our Advisor Liaison is Nikki Caywood. If you have a question or need, please contact her by email at, or find her at the Advisor's Facebook group.

Registered Co-ops, Fellowship Groups, Master Teachers, and Home Academies

These policies and pages have been updated in April 2017. Please feel free to email Lampstand Press if you have any questions.

As you know, we started TU a few years ago to encourage and grow you as parent-teachers, and we are always re-evaluating to try to serve you better. Consequently, there are some changes that we're making in 2017.

Advisors: we are not anticipating any changes to our Advisor program, and we are so grateful to these ladies for their time and investment in helping others understand Tapestry. This program is in full-swing and we are excited about adding any new Advisors who are interested. Nikki Caywood is our fearless leader and is doing a great job.

When we started Tapestry University, we established formalized Fellowship Groups. We wanted to share what we had learned about teaching Tapestry in a co-op setting and provide some level of accountability for these groups. Based on what we've learned, we will be adjusting our approach to Fellowship Groups significantly.

In a nutshell, we will not be identifying Fellowship Groups going forward. In fact, many of the services we have offered will now be available to any group. We want to encourage groups to form, and we want to share what we've learned with any group using Tapestry.

Going forward:

  • Any co-op using Tapestry of Grace or Tapestry Primer can register on our website for FREE. There is no minimum or maximum size of group needed in order to participate. We trust that registration will allow you to promote your group on our page and connect with other Tapestry users in your area.
  • Our co-op support page is updated and you'll find documents there that we developed to help co-ops form and function successfully. We trust that these resources will benefit you.
  • Because we will be putting the information on our web page, we will not be maintaining a separate Moodle presence for Fellowship Groups. This means that co-op leaders will not have access to Moodle portals. If there is sufficient interest, we would be willing to consider setting up a Facebook group to help group leaders communicate. Please let us know whether this would serve you when you register.
  • We believe that Advisor training is useful and helpful for parents seeking to thoroughly understand our recommended approach for using Tapestry, and we encourage you to have at least one Advisor in each group. However, this is not required in order to register your group on our web page.
  • Speaking of training, because we will no longer be charging for registration, we will no longer be offering free Dean or Master Teacher Training to registered groups. These sessions are still wonderful resources, and will be available to anyone for $10 each at our Store.
  • Lampstand Press staff is still available to help with any questions that co-ops may have. In fact, we love to serve you, so feel free to contact us anytime!
  • If any Registered Co-op wants assistance with confidential surveys, we are glad to help! Our cost is $50.00, and we would pass this on to the group for payment ahead of time.
  • Private forums are also available to Registered Co-ops. There is a $35 setup fee, and a $25 fee per group after setup and for following years.
  • Finally, any co-op who does register and upload their member list has the option of purchasing a big, beautiful, vinyl Map of Humanities (31.25" X 69.5") at a discounted rate of $60! This price is available until August 31, 2017, and the regular price is $80.

You'll also see some slight changes to our Master Teacher program, primarily because we'll no longer have Fellowship Groups. If you are interested in becoming certified as a Tapestry Master Teacher, you will need to purchase the training and Independent Certification request at our Store. Please contact our Product Support Specialist for more information.

And, lastly, but probably most importantly, are our Home Academies. Any individual family can still register on our website for free! We highly encourage participation in this aspect of TU because it helps build our community of users so that other Tapestry families can find you.

Tapestry University Roles and Groups

  • Advisors explain the educational philosophy and vision of Tapestry of Grace to new families exploring the program.
  • Master Teachers evaluate and instruct Tapestry faculty members to do better teaching, whether in individual family academies or in group classes.
  • Registered Co-ops comprise Tapestry University's system of group learning. They reflect our ultimate goal of strengthening and supporting homeschooling parents.