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Field Trips

On this page, we hope to post field trip ideas from YOUR state that dovetail with Tapestry subjects as organized in our week-plans. Please submit your ideas via email, and please try to include the following information:

  • Your email address (for our sake, in case we have questions, but you can tell us if you're willing to have your email linked as a contact person for more info about your recommendation).
  • The name of the attraction.
  • ANY online links to explain, give information, about the attraction.
  • A short paragraph explaining why the attraction would serve homeschoolers.

THANKS for your help! We will post states as their submissions come in, and under the weeks as listed below:

**IMAX often has great films that are an excellent addition to your academic studies. Find out what is playing, and where, to schedule this activity for your family.

Unit 1

Casting Off the Moorings

Unit 2

Depression and Destruction

Unit 3

Conformity to Counterculture

Unit 4

The Postmodern World